Fail to plan, and you’ll plan to fail. Overused clichés aside, enacting a measured and realistic marketing strategy is vital to maximising the ROI of your marketing efforts. A random spattering of activity here followed by a spontaneous few boosts there are likely to fall on deaf ears – your marketing efforts need to link together in a cohesive relationship, whereby you’re never letting your name slip out of your customer’s mind. We specialise in the design and management of strategy plans, the likes of which include fundamental business, competitor and client analyses as well as a timeline of plotted marketing activity.

EP Marketing - Web Design


From fully functional customised templates to ground-up, bespoke coded builds, if you’re looking for a creative team to tackle your brief and handle all of the nitty-gritty technical stuff alongside it, then you’ve come to the right place. Need something simple online quickly to generate new business? We can do that. Looking for a high-end, made-to-measure site to act as the professional face of your business? We can do that too. We will work with you from the initial concept all the way through to client care once the website is live, providing you with a responsive, mobile-friendly website that you’ll be proud to show off.

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EP Marketing - SEO


Otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation, SEO is the work that goes into ensuring your site gets picked up by Google in SERPs (this is a jargon free zone – SERPs stands for Search Engine Results Pages). An integral part of this is keyword research, which consists of identifying the keywords or phrases that your potential audience are searching for and making sure the best ones are included in your site, so quite simply, the people you want to see your website can find you. It isn’t all keywords - it’s also about bounce rates, mobile friendliness, security, word counts and above all usability (and breath). If all that is gibberish to you, don’t panic – give us a call and we’d be happy to talk you through the whole lot.

EP Marketing - Social Media Marketing


Not all social media works for every business, and we won’t try to tell you otherwise - if you’re in the engineering sector, it’s unlikely you’ll strike gold on the 18-29 year old dominated Instagram platform. However, there is some social media for everybody, and hitting that sweet spot is our speciality. We’ve generated tangible, measurable returns for our clients across the spectrum of social media platforms, either through consistent posting campaigns or paid, target advertising. People are spending more time than ever in the digital realm, so why not speak their language?

EP Marketing - Email Marketing


In the age of spam, you might think that email marketing is dead. However, that’s far from the truth. 82% of B2B and B2C companies are currently using email marketing technology, and for good reason. With even more capabilities than ever, you can tailor the design and delivery of your email marketing down to a tee, as well as pulling valuable data from the response afterwards. Email marketing is more than just blindly sending an email and hoping for the best – it’s about strategy, targeting and maximising ROI. Luckily, we’re well versed in what makes potential customers tick, and with hundreds of successful campaigns under our belts, we can turn your newsletter into a go-getter.

EP Marketing - Google Adwords & PPC


Panic not – this is a jargon free zone. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and that’s exactly how paid Google advertising – known as Google Adwords – works. Paying for Google Adwords means your website and business will appear further up in the Search Engine Results Pages, allowing you to attract more of the customers that are looking for services exactly like yours. Advertise locally or globally, all the time or at certain times, and only pay when somebody clicks to visit your website or call. The behind-the-scenes of Google Adwords & PPC can be confusing, and your account will need maintaining to maximise results – that’s where we come in. We’ll monitor the performance of your ads for you and liaise directly with Google on your behalf, whilst you reap the rewards.

EP Marketing - Branding


Your brand is more than just your logo – it’s your company ethos, your business direction, your brand story. What does your brand say to potential customers? How does it make them feel? How does it make them react? Many sectors are now over-saturated, and so branding can be the difference between winning clients and losing them to your competition. We’ll work with you to craft a brand identity that boasts the best of your business, but most importantly, that also sets you apart so you’re more visible to your audience. A fusion of design and strategy, an effective brand identity can take your marketing efforts to the next level.

EP Marketing - Marketing Coaching 1-1


Not everyone wants to engage the full services of a marketing agency. We know that you may want to grow your knowledge base and confidence in marketing. Emma Pratt, founder and owner of EP Marketing offers a coaching package to clients who want to do just that.

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EP Marketing - PR


PR is a valuable tool in the marketing mix. We work with our clients to develop their PR activity and work with regional and national press to get you media exposure. PR is an excellent way to increase your brand exposure and customer loyalty though the regional and national publications and trade press. All of our press activity to tailored and works in tandem with our social media management service.