While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all about making those crucial sales, if you aren’t prepared, you could be missing out – big time!

Go Hard or Go Home

With an ever-growing online realm, digital marketing is now the driving behind the vast majority businesses, and if you want people to keep you in mind, it needs to be up there for all to see on the web.

Show Them What You’ve Got

We see advertisements daily, on anything from the news items we read while munching on our morning cereal, to the billboards we drearily drive past on the way back from work – it’s everywhere. Using this to your advantage is key to pushing traffic to you.

Firstly, make a statement.

Everyone likes a good sale, especially on Black Friday, so make sure that you shout out loud and show how good the sale really is! But don’t just stop at plain old signage, flags and Facebook Ads. Knock up some impressive visuals for your social media, such banners and headers, or even just posts. Remember, social media is a FREE marketing tool, and a very lucrative one!


Now, these sneaky little envelopes of joy are bound to bring in those extra sales. But please take note – no one likes to be spammed with constant gibberish. Keep your emails short, to the point and informative – and also pretty!

If you’ve already developed a list of loyal customers, give them the head’s up and a taste of what’s to come by offering a teaser, or even giving them exclusive benefits, such as an email subscribers’ sale. This will help build up the hype ready for Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

Abandoned Cart

A useful trick that should be used on the day of Black Friday is an automated, abandoned cart email. Most shoppers add (and continue adding) to their bags, but when it actually comes to the transaction, well… let’s just say some get cold feet. If you remind customers that items are still in there, and that sale items won’t be around much longer, you should see a sharp rise in sales.

Preparation is Key

As you well know, Black Friday is a busy and stressful time, for staff and customers alike, so make sure your website can handle the demand in heavy traffic. If you want a stunning website that’s ready to go for Black Friday, call our team on 01473 684 192. There’s no point in putting your website straight up on the day without testing it, as, if the site goes down, customers are only going to go elsewhere.

Test your staff and prepare them for the high volume of footfall in your shop. Get them trained on tills, phones – the lot. On the day, you’re going to need all the help you can get!

Want to make a statement ready for Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday? We can handle your social media accounts, get your business noticed through Google AdWords and Facebook Campaigns, and so much more. Get in touch by calling 01473 684 192 or ping us an email at info@epmarketing.co.uk for more details.