Emma Pratt

— Founder & Marketing Director

In 2016, I suffered a stroke. It was the day before my 42nd birthday, and it turned my world upside down. But this story is not about self pity or doom and gloom – instead, it’s about finding a positive outcome in facing adversity and how this life event shaped the way I run my business.

I started EP Marketing after 20 years as an in-house Marketing Director for various B2B companies. After a massive merger within the law firm I was working at, I began to feel disillusioned with what I was doing and like I was finally ready to take the plunge into starting my own business.

And so I did. Like many other self-starters, EP Marketing was born from my kitchen table. After working tirelessly day and night, I took on my first employee. The business started to grow, and as I won new clients – all of which, I’m pleased to say, are still with me today – I began to need more space and a bigger team. As such we moved out into our first office, and expanded our workforce. There were ups and there were downs, but we tackled each problem head on and EP Marketing was soaring in success.

Then one day, something changed.

In the office, I was struggling to string together cohesive sentences. I couldn’t even write a simple email, and had to get a team member to read it through for me. I even joked with the team that “I think I’m having a stroke”, but wrote off that way I was feeling as exhaustion and stress. We were working hard and playing hard, and I was looking forward to a few days off for my birthday.

I carried on as normal, driving to pick up my son from school and then heading back home. We were in the garden together when I suddenly collapsed, and I remember thinking that this might be it – I might die. I was rushed to hospital by paramedics, and from that point on, life was never going to be the same again.

As a result of the stroke, I couldn’t walk, talk or see. I spent months in rehabilitation, overcome with exhaustion and unable to think about the business. I left it all in the hands of my team, who managed to keep the boat afloat whilst we were at a vital point of our growth progression.

Little did I know that whilst I was away, my business partner would leave, leaving us two team members down and facing difficult times. I had to get back into the driving seat to save what I had built from the ground up. Despite Doctor’s orders, I was back in the office only 6 weeks after my stroke. I had to take it slow, but I was working whenever I could, battling exhaustion and trying to run my family home at the same time.

It wasn’t easy – in fact, it was really, really hard – but I had an inner drive that was pushed to the limit and as a result, EP Marketing is back on form. We’re flourishing, with new, exciting team members coming on board and clients from every sector imaginable calling on our services. I never doubted that we could do it, and I’m proud to say that my passion – alongside the passion of my team – has enabled us to tackle what could have been the end of us. We are fighters.

From this, our mantra ‘Everything’s Possible’ was born. Hard work, determination and a bloody good dose of confidence will take you places you never dreamed. If you feel lost in the woods, unsure of where to take things, and sceptical of the future, then we can help. We understand, we’ve faced adversity and we came out the other side, stronger than ever.

We can help you discover your story, your journey and help you define your future. After all, Everythings’s Possible.