Mark Johnson

Passionate web designer and art lover.

The importance of a call-to-action and how to use them right

Not sure what a call-to-action is or which is right for you? Then you could be missing out on vital clicks and conversions, and essentially, contact with potential customers. So how do you get it…

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So you’ve had a bad review – now what? Instant public relations management in three steps

Bad reviews can not only be disheartening, they can pose a real threat to the success of your business. More than ever, consumers are seeking out online reviews before they purchase products or…

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Looking for genuine leads? Don’t underestimate social media advertising

Social media – the world of expressing yourself in 140 characters or under and the world where videos of politicians and videos of puppies go hand in hand. It’s a world of ‘more more more’, and in an…

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